Video transcription

Hi, this is Billy Beck III from Billy Beck III Training Center. And today, I'm going to show you a complete abdominal workout for men. And today with me to demonstrate is super trainer Brian Francis. We're going to use three separate movements today. The first one is to target the lower abdominals more than anything else. It's called a reverse crunch. You're going to begin by laying on your back, lifting your knees up towards your chest and then tighten your abdominals and lifting your hips straight up. Now, notice there's no movements coming from the hips, it's only from the spine. One thing you will be able to tell you here is that Brian's abdominals are engaged the entire time. They're not relaxing on the way down which is a common mistake most people make. You can do as many reps as you can until you are challenged. Then, you're going to go to the second movement. The second movement is the abdominal wheel. And this is old school; this has been around for years and our male clients tear this thing up. They love it. And it requires not just abdominal strength, but upper body strength too. You should begin by going on your knees, grabbing onto the, the handles firmly and then going out as far as you can. Now, Brian is very advances, so he can go all the way out and all the way in. Now, you may need to cut that range of motion in half good; "Do that Brian"; and then come back and that may be suitable for you. The goal here is to do at least ten reps; but we're going to alternate the direction so we, involve more the obliques. So, you'll go center, then to the side and then to the side. That would be like twelve o'clock, two o'clock and then back to ten o'clock, if you go on a military style. And once you complete ten reps on each direction, you're going to finish with a rush in twist. We're using a kettle bell, but you can use anything that has weight to it. It could be a dumbbell, it could be a weight plate or it could be a bag of sand. But, whatever it is, if you're man, use something tough; a bag of nails, whatever it is. You're going to do twenty reps and then, you are going to finish strong. This is working your abdominals, your feet are off the ground and you have a complete abdominal workout right here. Now, one thing you want to make sure is that you don't feel it at your lower back. If any point, you feel it on your lower back, it means you're not tightening your abdominals. So, refocus, contract your abdominals and then, as you take it away. If the pain in your back subsist, or persist I should say, then, what I need you to do is stop the movement, rest completely and then try it again when you're less fatigue. I'm Billy Beck III, and this has been a complete abdominal workout for men. "Arrgghhh". "Hahahahah".