Video transcription

I'm Leon. This is Xotx-Tropico, with an X, and today I'm going to show you how to plant Cycad seeds. Cycads are very primitive plants from before the age of flowering plants. Dinosaurs and Cycads live together and they're basically living fossils. Here for example, I have a bag of seeds from a botanical garden. This is an unusual Cycad from China. The first thing we do is to soak the seed in water to remove germination inhibitors. We'll change the water every day for at least two or three days and then, the, the seed coats can be rubbed off and the seeds planted. We're going to make a mix for them, very drainy grainy. We're going to use some palm mass, a bunch of perlite and some peat moss. More peat moss and, and palm mass are advisable. Also, we'll throw in a little charcoal to keep soil quality good. We'll mix it up. We can put it in a suitable container, low and wide. Tap the stem. And we're going to plant the seeds basically half in the soil, half in the air. It's very important not to bury a Cycad seed. When you finish planting them, you should definitely see the seed. You can plant quite a few in a small container. As they germinate one by one, you can just let, let them be 'til the first leaves come out, and you can develop a community pot or you can take them out one by one and transplant them to individual pots. You water this well; keep it in a warm place, and you're ready to go.