Video transcription

I'm Leon. This is Xotx-Tropico, with an X, and today I'm going to show you how to transplant a cactus. This is a Brazilian Blue Cactus, beautiful coloration. The pot is ugly and a little too big. We're going to plant it in a beautiful blue pot, so it'll become complementary. First thing we're going to do is put a bunch of broken potter into the bottom of this pot, covering the drain hole. Then, we can bang the sides of the cactus to loosen it up. We take a rolled up bond of paper to handle the cactus. You place it around the plant so we'll be able to handle it without being stuck and we should be able to slide this baby out. Here we go. Now, we're going to flake off some of the excess soil here and depending on where the cactus is form, I lie to use a standard cactus mix, add some charcoal, add some palm mass. So, I'm going to take some cactus mix, put some in the bottom here. We're going to add a little bit of palm mass, that increases the drainage; little bit of charcoal, this will help keep the soil sweet. We'll mix this up a little bit. Place the cactus inside, kind of center it. Then, we'll take some more cactus mix, fill it around the plant. The trick with potting a cactus is you don't water for at least 10 to 14 days. Never water immediately thereafter. The roots have to heal. It's much better to err on the dry side than on the moist side. And there you go, your cactus is ready to go and it'll thrive on this pot for many years to come.