Video transcription

I'm Yara, your beauty expert, and today we're going to show you homemade tips for a glowing face, so let's get started. For Carrie, we have chosen the tools. We've chosen a foundation depending on her skin. We're going to do a white corrector...and just a light eyeshadow. The brushes that you will need today will be a flat brush. So let's get started! Now, for's going to be a little different. Carrie's skin has already been prepped. She does have her foundation. So, depending on your complexion, you will pick the foundation that's the best for you. Now, for Carrie I've chosen a white or a light eyeshadow. Depending, again, on your, you know, skin complexion, you want to pick something that suits you best. I'm just... just put the color on the eyelid. For a fair skin, a lighter color always works best, like a white. It gives you that nice, healthy look on your eye area. And you don't need much. The white corrector, and sometimes if you cannot afford a white corrector, if you already have a white eyeshadow that's a matte color, you can use that. You want to blend it in. This is going to give you a brighter look in your eye area. Especially if you work late nights, or you know, anything like that, or if you stay up late. You want to use whatever you have at home. You can use your fingers, you can use a sponge, whatever is easiest for you. You want to make sure that if you're wanting a little bit of color on the cheek area, you can always do a bronzer or a blush. Depending, again, everything depends on your complexion, so if you're fair you don't want to use anything too dark--you could stay with the peach and the pinks, something like that. If you have the darker color, the darker complexion, you want to use something of a bronze, or you could use like a plum, or sometimes you could even do like a hot pink. Just go light on it. And you want to always focus your blush on the apples of your cheek. If you cannot find them, just smile in the mirror and you'll be able to see them. That always helps. Might look a little crazy, but you'll look beautiful after. Then we can definitely use a loose powder, or a powder that best suits your skin. If you have oily skin, use something that will matte that--give you a matte look. You don't want to look shiny all day. And they also sell those blot papers, so you can use those. And, don't forget your mascara, your blush, your foundation, your concealer. That's really it. I mean, it's all about what you're trying to look like that day, and what type of look you're going for, so it's really at your discretion. There's some tips for a glowing face. I'm Yara, your beauty expert. Thanks for watching!