Video transcription

Hi. My name is Yara. I am your beauty expert, and today we're going to show you how to apply makeup on aging skin. So, the tools that you'll be needing today are: green eyeshadow, brown eyeshadow, another shade of a brown eyeshadow, beige, a golden brown, plum blush, and from the quad we'll be using the black, mascara, setting powder. The first step you want to take with skin that is aging is you want to prep it. You want to apply the foundation. We have already taken care of that with our model, so we're going to get right started to the eyes. You want to stay with the matte colors; don't want to use anything too much of shine on it, being that if you were to do that it creates... it will accentuate any fine lines you may have around the eyes or so on and so forth. So we're going to apply the green on the lid. And just because somebody might feel like, you know, they're aging, does not mean that they can't have fun with colors. You can definitely have fun with colors. I would recommend to not have the colors be so loud. You know, you can always control it. Bringing the color up to the crease will help to create less of a sagging eye, or droopy eye. It will open up the eye area, bringing the eyelid color up to the crease. Okay, next you want to use the golden brown. This will be placed on the crease, in a circular motion. The following color will be the brown. That brown is only going to go right here on the outer. The medium brown is actually going to be used with the angled brush, and this is going to be for the eyebrows. Great eyebrows make a big difference on the face. Then you want to use the comb; just comb it. This will soften it if the eyebrows, after filling it in, if it's too harsh, it will soften the color. You want to make sure that you highlight the eyebrow with the beige color and the big flat brush. With that angled brush, out of the quad we're going to use the black. And that is going to be your liner. It doesn't have to be perfect. Just follow the eyelashes...the eyelash line. Sometimes, it's nice to just pull the eye up a little, and that will allow you to get in there really good. Once you've done that, you'll want to take the mascara. Doesn't matter if it touches near the eyelid, being that you have that eyeliner, it will cover that. Always make sure you use a setting powder. Then I'm going to apply the blush. The blush. Just remember a little goes a long way. Just focus that color on the apple of your cheeks. Upstroke. Just a little around the chin area. Alright, so, once you have accomplished that, the blush, you have accomplished how to do your makeup on aging skin. My name is Yara, I'm your beauty expert.