Video transcription

Hola, my name is Yara. I am your beauty expert, and I'm going to show you how to apply cat eye makeup. So, the tools that you'll be needed today will be black eyeliner, as well as a angled brush. You want to take the black eyeliner and apply it on the outer. As you could see, we already have her ready with the darker color, the smoky eye. I like to use a smoky eye for the cat eye. It definitely gives you a dramatic look, and I love dramatic looks. I think they're awesome. You don't get to do it everyday, so it's always fun when you can. You want to bring it out at an angle. Open. And, that will give you a little check mark on the outer. That will be your guide for the bottom. You could always use an eyeliner that's waterproof or water resistant, it will help throughout the night for it to last longer, you know, due to sweat, or whatever the case is. We already put eyeliner in the inside of her eye, and then you want to create the same thing with the other eye, close, at an angle. I like to start from the end to the inside of the eye. It helps you to give you a better guide, or a good guide. And, I like to use small strokes. And, kind of connect the dots when you're doing that. That's also another easy way to do an eyeliner. Open. You want to bring it from the end to the front, where the tear duct is. And then, you're going to do the same thing. Once you have that taken care of, you want to use the angled brush, and this is going to help to smooth out the line, being that a lot of times when you're connecting that dot, you can, it's not as smooth when, you know, the lines that you're trying to connect. So, the the angled brush would definitely help you to give you that smooth look. And, it will help you to correct any little mistakes that you may see that you did. So, the most important part of this look is the eyeliner. My name is Yara, your beauty expert. This is how to apply cat eye makeup. We'll see you next time.