Video transcription

Hi, Billy Beck III from Billy Beck Training Center, and today we're going to teach you resistance band exercises for the lower back and with me is super trainer, Bryan Frances. The first exercise is going to be a Romanian dead lift with the resistance band. Now, the first thing you need is a band. They come in different lengths. The more you stretch it, the stronger it is. The thicker it is the more resistance. So, your foot position will vary based off the band you have. With ours we're going to use a longer one so we're going to start by standing on the band, make sure it's firmly securely fastened under your feet. You're going to keep your back straight, stand tall and move your hips forward as your shoulders come back. As you go down, keep your belly drawn in and everything is really tight and you're going to repeat that process. Hips forward, chest high, hips forward, chest high. If your back starts to round, you're going to increase your risk of injury, very important. If you start to feel it in a bad way, stop the movement immediately. The goal here is anywhere between 10 and 20 reps, the pain on your level. Now, if you grab lower on the band, it's going to be more resistance. If you have more slack in it, less resistance. One last thing on the band is as you come to the top it's more challenging. As you come to the bottom, it's less challenging. So the second movement is we're going to go to that bottom position, we're going to stay with the back straight, chest high and we're going to begin a rowing movement. Now the rowing movement is going to work not just your lower back, it's going to stabilize, it's going to work your lats, your biceps, the back of your shoulders and some muscles between your shoulder blades which help the posture a lot, your mid traps and rhomboids. Again, 10 to 20 reps is the goal. We're going to stand back up, hold this position, good posture is the key to having a good lower back not just strengthening. So, again I'm Billy Beck, and this has been resistance band exercises for the lower back.