Video transcription

Hi, Jody DeVere here from, automotive advice for women. I'm here today at one of my certified female-friendly locations, Puente Hills, Hyundai, to show you how to change your own wiper blades, and also to talk about the importance of wiper blade replacement intervals. Wiper blades are so important to the vision that you have while you're driving. And having good, well-working wiper blades not only gives you better vision, especially if it's raining or in inclement winter weather, but it also really enhances your ability to get to where you're going, safely. The first thing I recommend is that you check your wiper blades twice a year. It's a good idea to just pull them up, make sure that you push the arm, all the way forward. So, it doesn't snap back down and injure you. And just take a look at your wiper blades, to make sure that there are no cracks or splits. A good indication that you need new wiper blades, is it they squeal, smear, or make a lot of scratching noises, when you turn them on. But you can also do a visual inspection. These wiper blades definitely need to be replaced. And it's so easy, just to pop them right off. You want to push down on the little clamp, give it a little tug, down, and just pull it right off. Now, we're going to take our new blade, and match it up to our old blade. To make sure, we're putting on the right length, these match perfectly. If you're not sure, check at your local parts store. The blades I like to use are Autotex PINK, they're great, really long lasting. And also, a portion a gets donated to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Research, and also the American Breast Cancer Society. So, these are really great blades for us gals. The way you put it back on, is just the way you took it off. Is slip it over, turn it and just give it a little tug up. and your blade is in place. You also want to lay it back down, after you've completed that activity on the second blade. And check by turning your car on, putting a little washer fluid on your windshield, and taking a few swipes to make sure that there's no chattering or smearing, and you're on your way. Just to wrap it up, Jody DeVere, here again, from, automotive advice for women. It's so easy to do your own wiper blade replacement, and to remember to check them twice a year. Your wiper blades keep your vision good in driving, and that's a smart, safe and car savvy thing to do.