Video transcription

I'm Terry with Towers Murray Plumbing, Murray, Utah, here to show you how to remove a toilet. First thing you want to do, is turn this water, incoming water off, remove the supply line. You need to take all the water out of the tank, which in this case, I have already done. Then the next thing you'll need to do, is remove the water from the bowl. For that, you'll need possibly a sponge, or your suction gun. And maybe, a bucket to put the water into. A suction gun like this, sometimes makes your work at removing a toilet. Or a couple other products on the market, that'll help you with that. Once you have all the water removed, you're ready to start unbolting the toilet. Toilets have, a typical toilet will have two bolts, one on the right hand side, one on the left hand side. Remove your bolts, there should also be a washer underneath the nut, one on the right hand side, one on the left hand side. Once you have both these removed, at this point, your toilet's ready for removal. Slight pull, and pull the toilet right off. This is your closet flange, there's different kinds of seals you can use. If it's a wax, you'll need a putty knife to remove them, that wax. Different seals, different kinds of seals, wax, wax-less. In this case, we're going to use a wax-less seal. Replace that, take a good look at the bolts, if your bolts are rusty at all. That's a great time to replace those bolts, so there's no future problems. Once your wax is back in place, you're ready to re-install the toilet. Go ahead and set it in place, line up the holes with the bolts. And at this time, you're ready ti re-install both the nuts and washers, and bolt caps. Re-install your water line and check for leaks. Again, I'm Terry with Towers Murray Plumbing, and we've just shown you how to replace your toilet.