Video transcription

Well, hey now! It's your girl, P.W., giving you the know-how on the fashion how-to. I hope you're looking great since the last time we've seen each other. Today, we're going to talk about, how do you stretch the waist in a jean? Now, there's only one way that I know, but two reasons that you're going to get this, that you're going to need this stretch. Either you were just eating, you know, we all get there, eating, and they got a little too small. Or, two, you just bought the wrong size jean, and you know you are dead wrong for number two, for buying the wrong size jean. But, let me help you, and let's fix all your troubles, your worries, and your woes, okay? So, let me show you how to do it. So, we want to do it on the side seam, and we want to line up, you see, our side seam is right here. And, we want to line up, we want to cut, and we want to meet it right there, okay? Now, that opens up for us, just a little something, that's great. What we want to do is get a piece of fabric that looks exactly like it, or very similar. We want to line it up, however you want your jeans to be stretched, and this is our godet. Godets have been our best friends for the last couple of episodes. So, line it up. Pins, fall from the sky, please. You see that? There they go! Okay, sky pin again. I am so right-handed, so I know it's hard for you guys. So, let me do it like this, so you guys can see. Okay, there you go. And, you know what we want to do. We want to get that good old needle and thread, you know? Pull out our old mama skills, and go in, and out. You want to take your pins out. You see that? See how quick and, no, seriously, that was so quick, so easy. And, you're going to, you know, you want to secure your end pieces. And, I haven't showed you guys how to do that. When you're at the end, you want to stick it through that last piece, take this part, and wrap it around. You see that? Go one, two, three. That gives you a great securing knot at the end. And then, you have a good, secure, you see that? That's a great knot, no matter how terrible you stitched it, it's a good knot. And then, you want to go back in, and you want to cut down this way, just cut it down on the inside. You see that? So now, you have no excess at all. So, remember, I made myself a little fold when I first did it. I just folded a piece of fabric in too, so I can have some type of hem. And, I'm going to cut off the excess on the other side. Wish we can cut that excess muffin top that had, the reason why had to stretch these jeans, but that's okay. Now, okay, this is the, you know, the secret rule. You know I always give you a secret rule with all my how-to's. If you're already opening your jeans, and you're doing godets, you definitely want to wear a shirt that's going to cover these belt loops, and cover this placket. Okay, we want to do that. Do not wear a short shirt with this. We don't want muffin top to get worse that it is, you understand? It's your girl, P.W., on the how-to.