Video transcription

Hi, I'm Chris Palmer. In this segment, I'm going to show you how to remove a door from its hinges. Door hinges are screwed one side into the door, the other side into the door jam. And, those two pieces are held together by a metal pin, which is removable. And, to remove your door from the hinges, you want to take a nail set, or some other similar tool, and tap from the bottom. Push that pin right up and out of the hinges. If you do that on all your hinges, the door will lift right away, and you'll be free to do any repairs that you're doing. Make sure your door is closed when you do this. That'll take some of the weight off the hinge. Hold your nail set at the base of the pin, and tap it out with some gentle strokes. If it's still stuck at that point, use your five in one tool, or stiff putty knife, under the lip of the pin to loosen it up a little bit more, and it should some right out. Thanks for watching. I'm Chris Palmer. That's how you remove a door from its hinges.