Video transcription

Hi, I'm Chris Palmer. Today, I'm going to show you how to change the blades in your hand held power planer. The first thing you do is unplug the tool. Make sure there's no power coming to the tool when you're working on it. You find the appropriate sized Allen wrench, and you loosen up these two Allen screws. You don't have to take them out, just loosen them up. The old blade just slides right out. Be careful, there still could be some sharp edges on there. This particular blade is pretty well beaten up. You can see the chips, the jagged edges. These are carbide blades, so they're a little bit more brittle, and they do tend to chip if they hit a nail, or something like that. Here's the new blade. Looks nice, mirror finish, nice and shiny. Be careful, it's pretty sharp. That just slides right back in place, just like that. Tighten down your set screws. And, there's nothing nicer than making those first cuts with a nice, sharp blade.