Video transcription

Hi, I'm Hilary Talbott, Acupuncture Physician and Clinical Herbalist. Today, I will be showing you acupressure for smoking cessation. Now, we all know that acupuncture is an effective remedy to be used to aid in the quitting of smoking. But, what a lot of people don't know is that theres an acupressure component involve. And sometimes this can be as simple as going to your acupuncturist and asking for ear seeds if you are in fact scared of needles or it might be used as a conjunctive therapy along with herbs and acupuncture. I find that the seeds on the ear are really effective because these help with will, the willpower to help quit as well as giving the patient the sense of control. So, and, it's something to do with your hands while they're craving a cigarette. So, what I'm going to do is I'm going to clean off the ear with just an alcohol swab here so that the ear seeds that I apply stay on for a couple of days. It's like being able to take your acupuncturist home with you. I'm just going to use this clean cotton swab here to get rid of that excess alcohol in the essence of time and the first point I'm going to use is a point called Shen Men. Shen Men is use in almost all of your acupressure, auricular acupressure prescriptions because of its ability to calm the nervous system. So, here's little seeds; little bi-curious seed of a plant and Shen Men is located right in here at the top of the ear. So, I'm just going to place this one in here and press down firmly. Then, I'm going to find point zero. Point zero is kind of in line with Shen Men and this point is said to actually help the body reset to its balance state before smoking or alcohol or any other addiction was introduced to the body. Then, I'm also going to use the endocrine point. I find the endocrine point very helpful in calming the patient as well as emulating the effects of physical withdraw. So, when you go to your acupuncturist to stop smoking, this point is also in line with the other two just on this divot here on the ear and sometimes it will be bright red if you're really stressed out. When you go to your acupuncturist to stop smoking, they'll ask you all kinds of questions about your addiction. Is it more social? Is it physical? Or is it more mental emotional? And that'll actually help them decide what points are appropriate for you. And then my last point is I'm going to use a lung point so that they can cope with getting rid of all the necrotic tissue that has been left over because smoke is actually quite moving. So, when you're still smoking, your lungs have an easier time of actually getting rid of the phlegm and that's one thing that happens when a lot of people quit smoking is they actually get sick. So, using this lung point is very helpful and that's located right in the center of the ear here. So, if you haven't tried acupuncture or you're scared to but you want to quit smoking, consider using acupressure. In order to do so, find your local acupuncture physician at I'm Hilary Talbott and that was acupressure for smoking cessation.