Video transcription

Hi, this is Wesley Winford, and today we'll be going over guitar sound effects. Okay, delay is an effect that repeats the sound of what you just played, like it repeats the note like that. It's really a slapback kind of feel and you can, in delay you can control the, how long it repeats or how much of it you want. Alright so we've got some cool sounds from the DL4 and also I have a DD7 which is great for dotted eight sittings. It does really well with the tap tempo switch here and it works really well for a good slapback. So that works really well for that kind of stuff or if I'm doing maybe a slower song with a kind of spacious delay. So that's a cool type of thing and this is a Nova Delay here and it pretty much, it does the same thing as all delay pedals but it's, you can control the beats per minute on it and it works well for if you're in a band doing a set, you know song after song, you can do presets on it. It works really well like that but pretty much it's just a simple delay but it's more precise than most pedals because you can control the tempo of it and save it. Rather than these pedals, you have to tap in your tempo. Then other affects are reverb and I have a Digital Reverb RV5 here and I have it set to modulate setting which is probably the biggest sounding one which I like the most. So this has been guitar sound effects pedals.