Video transcription

Hi, this is Wesley Winford, and today I'll be showing you how to fix the, how to fix fret buzz on a guitar. Fret buzz is when you hit a note on the fretboard on the string, that's when the string, the distance between where you're pressing it down and where you're picking it, it's actually hitting up against another one of the frets. So when you hit a note right there and you hear that kind of little buzzing going on, generally it's going to be probably pretty close to where you're hitting the note and most likely it's going to be on the lower frets here and how you fix that is you have an Allen wrench. The saddles are what the strings set on right here and you can adjust the height of each little saddle right here and you just find the Allen wrench that fits that and when you hit that, when you hit the string, you can adjust, you can raise that certain string up some and just, you keep raising it up until you start to hear the fret buzz go away. That is how you adjust the fret buzz on your guitar.