Video transcription

Hi, my name is Kirk Wilson. I live in Los Angeles, California and I perform live as well as well as teach at Orchepia School of Music and studio sessions. And today, I'm going to show you how to play the grace note on the piano. First of all, normally, when you play a grace note, you have a target note. So, if you're going to play an A, this being an A; when you're playing a grace note, you want to have like one finger before the finger that you need. So, if I'm going to play the A with my five finger, I'm going to grace it with the four finger. And it's a really really quick note, but it's also soft. Or, if I'm going to play with my thumb, instead of using my thumb like this, I'm going to use my second finger and the note just before the key, just before the C is a B. So, you play the B ever so slightly; I'll be playing grace note to C. So, an example would be. And my name is Kirk Wilson and that is how you play grace note on the piano.