Video transcription

Hi, my name is Chris Wade, and I'm a contractor in the city of Los Angeles. Today, I'm going to show you how to fix a bathtub faucet that will not turn off. OK, basically you have to pull this whole assembly apart, because you're going to find that no matter how hard you turn this knob to shut it off, water is still coming out of the spigot. So, you undo the screw that's in here, pull this off, unscrew the beauty ring, pull of the excursion plate. On this particular shower, we're dealing with a single knob shower valve. So when you pull all that off, you're going to notice that there's two valves in here. One hot, one cold. These you need to pull out, you're going to have to use a wrench, you're going to have to find the one that fits it, and you're going to have to pull this out and out comes out a little assembly piece. And again, before you do any of this, you always turn the main water off, because once you undo these, you're going to have water coming all over the place. Very important to turn the water off. Once you get this off, you're going to see pretty much that this is an assembly that has a little spring inside here. Most of the time, the reason it won't turn off is because of this little washer right here has started to fade away and it won't give it once you cinch it down, water is still coming through, and that's where you're drip is going to be. Most of the time you can find these washer replacements but if you cannot, you just need to buy this little assembly thing and it's always a good idea if you're going to replace the hot one or the cold one, you replace the other one as well. And then once you get that in there, you just screw this back in, tighten it down, and that's how you would deal with it on a single knob faucet. Now if you happen to have a shower setup that's got two separate faucets and the middle one for the shower, it's going to be a little bit different. It's basically it's going to be the same type of rough in valve, but instead of having a center knob, it's going to have knobs on both sides to one individual water. And those valves are going to be a little bit longer and a little bit different. And what you want to do on those, you can see here, this is where the knob would go, like so, and this is going to be the assembly part. And here is that washer again and this has a screw on it. Undo the screw, replace the washer, and that should fit it. Now, these do have a special tool in order to get those out. And since they all come in different sizes, you just have to find the right one that fits on it and just take it out. Again, always very, very important to turn the water off. Once you remove this, you're going to have water all over the place. And so you basically just replace these and again, even though you're having a hot water drip, replace both of them. It's just a preventative thing so you don't have to dig into this again. Because if one is starting to go, the other one is not far behind it. That's pretty much how you deal with that. So, good luck to you.