Video transcription

Hi, my name is Chris Wade and I'm a contractor from the cit of Los Angeles and today I'm going to show you how to install tile on a kitchen window sill. Here we are at our window and we're going to basically start in the middle, make your center line, center line on your tile and here's our Hardibacker that's on top of the wood. You always have to use the Hardibacker whenever you're applying thinset to tile, ceramic, marble, it really doesn't matter what it is unless you can go directly on concrete but right now we're dealing with wood. So we're going to center our piece and we're going to put our thinset on. Again put it on heavily so when you press down it will squirt out just like so, and then butter it up. Just keep working your way from the middle to the outside and then on this particular one this is where the cut comes in to play. Basically what you're going to do is you're going to set it where you want to set it and you're going to make a pencil line right here and that's going to give us our distance and leave a little overhanging so you can continue on. As far as the depth goes you bring it up, you bring the face of it up to where you want it and you're going to make a pencil line and what you're going to do is you're just going to make a straight line and then you're going to bring this one across here. If you have to use a straight edge, use a straight edge but this is the part that you're going to want to remove. We're going to take this to the tile saw and we're going to remove it, cut it and then this piece is going to be missing and that way when you slip this one in, the part that's removed will butt up against here and along the side here now. That's going to sit over there. I'm going to put this over here and then we're going to take our four inch pieces just get some on the back here and those are basically you're just going to go in the back and just finish off the stool. And you just work your way. Now on this particular one, it seems our math was right and they all fit but if your sill is deeper, you make your cuts towards the back, you know, whatever distance you need to make them to make it all fit. Same thing with where your starting point is, again you want to start in the middle like so, get your space in there, your, keep one in here, we're going to have a short piece and your cuts will always be on the outside so when you look at it from the back your short pieces will be symmetrical with all the pieces inside and again, always let it set up for 24 hours before you grout and this is how you set tile on a sill, windowsill.