Video transcription

Hi, I'm Charlotte Lawson a registered and licensed dietitian. Now if you heard of vitamin B17 you might be wondering what is this and where do I find this? Well first let me clarify. Vitamin B17 is not a vitamin. Let me repeat not a vitamin. It more or less is a food component. And was really seen at a time as a cancer cure by someone named Mr. Ernst. He had this whole idea that this was going to cure cancer and actually it has not been proven by FDA nor is it supported by the USDA or the American Cancer Society. So be very careful when looking into this as a cancer treatment or cancer cure. Now if your ultimate goal was to find a cancer healthy diet try choosing foods that are more high in fiber or high in antioxidants as these types of food and nutrients have been proven to lower or reduce your risk for cancer. The antioxidants are found in our dark blues and purples and reds from our fruits and vegetables. And these have a lot of affect on our free radicals. They help to remove them from our body. Now high fiber foods again in our fruits as well as our vegetables and our whole grains help to keep our digestive system with a good bacteria as well as remove your toxins and create that bulk so you have a normal bowel movement to again remove the waste from your body at a normal pace. So again vitamin B17 is not a vitamin nor has it been seen for cancer cure. And if you are looking for cancer healthy diets look to that fiber and those antioxidants. I'm Charlotte and eat happy.