Video transcription

Hi, I'm Charlotte Lawson, a registered and licensed dietitian, and I some information on foods that are rich in vitamin B12. B12 is essential nutrient, however our body does make some of it, with the bacteria in our intestine, but not quite enough, so we do still need to make sure we're having a good steady intake in our diet. Fortunately, vitamin B12 is one of the nutrients that is fortified in a lot of grain and cereal products. So if you enjoy cold cereal for breakfast, or toast, or sandwiches, you're probably getting a good amount as well. Now, like I said, our body makes B12, but not enough, and because as humans, we are animals, you might be able to guess where our normal dietary sources would be. In other animal products, as well. So this is your meat, your poultry, your fish, as well as dairy products. All of these have an excellent source of vitamin B12. We need vitamin B12 to keep up with our red cell production. Our red blood cells need to be strong, so they can pass energy and oxygen to the rest of our body. So making sure that you're staying up on your B12 really is key. Those are just a couple ways you can increase vitamin B12 in your diet, and also keep in mind if you'd not liking the animal products, it is fortified in a lot of grains. I'm Charlotte, and eat happy.