Video transcription

Hi, I'm Charlotte Lawson, a registered and licensed dietitian. Now, if you have been told you have high cholesterol and in particular, your LDL levels are too high. You're probably wondering, what foods to avoid and what foods to increase. Well, typically, our LDL are the bad types of cholesterol, is associated with also our saturated fat intake. Now, saturated fat is typically found in animal products, and really the high fat animal products. So, when you're looking at a marbled piece of meat, your having a lot of excess grizzle on that steak. Or, maybe you drink whole milk or even two percent milk. All of these products have a very significant amount of saturated fat. And trying to avoid those products or choosing a low fat or lean or no fat option, really is your best bet. So, if you can make that move from whole, down to two percent, you're a step ahead of the game. But really, two percent, you really want to get to one percent or skim. Same with cheeses, if you can find a low fat or reduced option, that's the way to go. And if using meats, try to avoid and cur off, any of that visible fat. Saturated fat really is the type of fat that sits solid at room temperature. And vegetable sources of fat, or vegetable oils don't contain the saturated fat. And actually, the vegetable oils that have our omega-3 fatty acids, like found in nuts and even our fatty fish. Have actually, have been proven to reduce the LDL levels, increase HDLs, as well as bring down our triglycerides. So, try switching from the animal fats, over to the vegetable fats. Hopefully, you'll see a little bit of reduction in that LDL cholesterol. I'm Charlotte and eat happy.