Video transcription

Hi, I'm Dave Trull at The Trull Gallery. I'm here to talk to you today about how to use a router. There are two basic types of routers. There's a plunge router and a fixed base router and they operate pretty much the same. The basic features you look for, handholds, the collet, in this case a quarter inch collet, generally they come with quarter and half inch, the bit mechanism. The next thing we want to do is set our bit up height and we're going to do that on a plunge router by bringing it to the edge of our stock and we're going to go ahead and plunge down and set our depth and we can go ahead and lock our bit in at this point. Okay, now we're ready to make our first cut. We're going to go ahead and put on our safety glasses and hearing protection. We're going to move our router to the edge of the board, plunge down to our preset depth and we're ready to go and again we're going to cut from the left to the right. When I get to the edge of my cut, cut the router off, let the bit come to a halt, raise the bit up and now it's safe to put back on the table. Okay that's the basics of how to operate a router. It's a great tool. It has lots and lots of uses. the more you use it the more things you'll think of to do with it. Just remember to be safe, hold on with two hands, watch the rotation of the cut. It's a super tool and I'm Dave Trull at the Trull Gallery, the fine art of furniture making.