Video transcription

Hi, I'm Amy Newman, fitness expert for Gold's Gym, creator of The Perfect 10 Workout. And I'm going to show you spinal stenosis exercises in yoga. First we are going to go ahead and lay down onto the mat. Sliding our heels up towards our buttocks. We are going to lift up into bridge pose. Rounding out our neck, stretching our buttocks up in the air. Having our pelvis in line with our body. Breathe. From this pose we are going to roll down slowly pressing our lower back down into the mat. Slide our feet out. Come up onto your elbows and the top of your head in fish pose. Relax and breathe. From there go on to the back of your head and slide down. Bring one knee in hug it in towards your chest. Keep it bent if you like and with the opposite hand cross it over your body reaching the other arm to the other side. Shoulders down and relax. Breathe deep. Slowly come back into that pose with your knee into your chest. Bring the other knee in switch legs. And cross this knee over reach into the other side keeping your shoulders down. And you don't want to open up too much. Don't want to press too hard. Just nice and light so your body opens up. And you try to relax with each breath relaxing more and more. Bring your knee back into your chest and then bring both knees up into your chest. Gently rock side to side and massage your lower back. I'm Amy Newman and those are some exercises for spinal stenosis in yoga.