Video transcription

Hi, my name is Chris Wade, and I'm a contractor from the city of Los Angeles. Today, I'm going to show you some techniques on how to remove old grout. We're here at our display, our mock up here and what we're trying to do now is remove grout, old grout. There's several ways it can be done. We have this tool right here which is a grout remover. You can get it at any hardware store or home center. It's about $5 or $6 or if you can find anything in your little toolbox that is thin and hardened, that will scrape it out too and then if you really want to get into something you can get a dremel tool which has various different attachments on it to pull the, pull the grout out. This particular one has a little extension hose on it so you don't have to hold the tool itself. It is an accessory but you can take this extension and slip it right in here but for this purpose we're going to do it the easy way. The first one I'm going to demonstrate is just any old type of a tool that you can get out of your toolbox. This happens to just be a file that's just got a really fine point on both ends and it's curved so you can get in there and basically you just want to get in there and just work it out, you know, it's a very tedious process. It's very time consuming, so before you start tackling it with a hand tool make sure you really want to do this because once you start, you're going to be committed to it and as you can see it's just coming out. Sometimes it's going to be harder, other times it's going to be easier so just prepare yourself for that. Now I'm going to take this particular one, this is more of a scraping motion back and forth as opposed to digging, back and forth. If you notice it right here, it's got very very small diamond chunks that are welded on to it which gives it that hardness to it and you just back and forth, back and forth until it's all get out. You don't have to get every speck of it out all the way down to the thinset, just enough to get down there deep enough to when you re-grout it, it adheres to itself and gives it a good bond. And then we're going to take the dremel tool here and like I said if you plan on doing a large area this would be the best way to go. I'm going to turn this on here, put it on the high speed and see it's just going to as you can see, there are several techniques to do it. You've got something that you can find in your toolbox, you've got something you can get for $5 or $6 or you can get one of these. These generally run from about $50 on up to $100 depending upon brand name, accessories and bits and so forth but it is a project that anybody can do but it is time consuming. That's about it.