Video transcription

Hi, my name is Chris Wade, and I'm a contractor from the city of Los Angeles, and today I'm going to show you how to grout ceramic tile. Here we are with our ceramic tile display here. As you can see, we used butt joints on this particular tile here, and basically you just scoop out your grout and you just want to fill it in all the areas, all the areas that are going to get grout, not to worrying about it getting on to the tile because we'll go back and clean that up afterwards and you just want to get it in all the joints there, just smash it in there, just keep it going until it's all in there. It doesn't take much, all in the areas and just kind of push it down, let it get it all covered inside there. Then we'll take our rubber float and that's when you just want to really smash it in there. Make sure it gets in there real good, real good there. You can pick these up at any home center, hardware store, just ask for a rubber grouting float. They're cheap, in there nice and even. Then as soon as you get it where you want it, you just take your wet sponge that's been wrung out pretty good and just go over it, you know and try to just wipe it. Make sure you don't press too hard where it starts pulling it out of the, your grout lines but if you do get some areas that get pulled out like that for instance we got a little bit too much out. You can just take a little bit, just finger it in there and press it in and wipe it right up and just keep doing that. Make sure the sponge is just damp and wrung out completely dry and just keep wiping until it's all cleaned up. That's how you would grout ceramic tile, wait 24 hours before you use your counter or wipe it down with any cleaner or anything to make sure it gets in there good and dry. And that's about it.