Video transcription

My name is Tony Jones. I work here at Jensen Shoes in Nashville, and we are going to go over dying shoes. Okay basically we are going to do an example here. We always want to go from light to dark. Never try to go from dark to light cause it will always bleed through.Talk about the pigments in a darker color are always going to show through a lighter color. And everybody wants to go lighter sometimes, and they don't understand why we can't dye a shoe the opposite way but light to dark not from dark to light. Always remember that. Now, what we are going to do here we are going to start off with a little deglazing fluid. I'm going to get a little rag and get some for it. I'm going to show just a little spot and I'm just going to wipe a lot of this shiny off there. It's going to change colors a little bit. You can see the paint coming off of it. Got to do this really well until no more of that; right there, you should see on your cloth it's coming off. Most of that is coming off. I'm going to do that all the way around. And I have a little black polish here; this is a leather dye. And you get a leather dye, there's a suede dye and leather dye. There's definitely a difference. You want to make sure you get a leather dye for this. Okay, let me get this. And we have a little, we call a little mop. This is a little mop. All we do is dip this into the black dye and wipe the shoe down and put, we can probably live with one coat, but sometimes we put two depending on what the shoe looks like afterwards. Okay, just a little dye right there. And after this has dried up really good, just dab it on there. Be careful about where you, where you put it because it definitely can go into the sole. Okay. And do it all the way around. And be sure that you cover the soles up here. I didn't do it here, but we want to cover it up with the masking tape or something. We just want to make sure it doesn't get down there unless you want it down here. Some people want to go ahead and do the sole too black where you can do the same thing. But sometimes you don't. So, it's up the person. Do it all the way around. Once you put a little polish on there and buff it off really good, it's going to look really nice. But make sure you let it dry. It's got to dry. So, many people are really in a rush to do things, and sometimes you end up messing things up if you don't take your time, but basically that's how we dye shoes.