Video transcription

Hi, my name is Tony Jones. I work here at Jensen Shoes. I'm want to, today, we're going to go over scuff marks on the shoes. The scuff marks right here, I'll show you how to kind of go over them, and kind of make it look better. But basically, it's just polishing the shoe. You'll see the difference when you, you see a scuff mark kind of like over here; these are all scuff marks right here. If you just cover it up with some polish, you can see how that, it's make the, the whole difference, when you rub it down. And you polish it and just it puff it off. You brush it off in this side, and it's going to make it look a lot better. But, when you're talking about scuff marks and the leather, kind of like this, we would have to yet bring it in for somebody to actually get that fix right here, 'cause that's going to have to either get glued down really good or replaced; so, we have to pop the stitching and replace it with something else. But the scuff marks is a totally different deal. People think you can make it look brand new, but you really can't because it's not, the leather is gone. It's not still there where you can fix it. That example shoe, but this shoe will actually look a lot nicer after we finish it up. But, we just gone over smoke, scuff marks today.