Video transcription

Hi, this is Chris Palmer coming to you from the crawlspace. Today, we're going to show you how to change the air filter on your furnace. You might find your furnace in any number of utility areas in your home. This one is in a crawlspace below the house but you might just as well find your furnace in a garage or even up in the attic above your living area. Once you find where your furnace is located, you need to identify the cold air intake duct and notice the size. This is by far the biggest duct in the furnace system. So, the filter looks like this and this is the size of the duct you're looking for. So, that gives you an idea of how big it is. There is a door or some sort of hatch in that cold air duct that you'll open up and you want to reach in there and just pull the old filter out. It's probably just laying on some sort of a lip. It might have a little, a little plastic backing holding it in place. Pull it out and if you're not sure what kind of, what size filter you have, just look at it and it will say right on it. You can see this one is a 16 X 25 X 1. So, it's really important that you buy the proper size filter. Once you pull the old one out, it's just a matter of taking this nice clean one and laying it in there. Here's the air flow side so the air is coming down this way and into the furnace. This side goes up. I'm Chris Palmer. Thank you for joining me. That's how you change the air filter on your furnace.