Video transcription

Hi, I'm Christine Wheaton; I'm a Beauty Specialist, and I'm going to show you how to create a Geisha hairstyle. So, what I've started to do here is I just took the front part of her hair and I just bunch it up and clip it right here. And then, I took these two sides and I'm just separating them and leaving them right here. Now, what I'm going to do is this back hair that's left, I'm going to put in a ponytail. You gather all this up here. Now, I'm going to take the side, brush that up as well and I'm going to put some mousse in it. So, you just work the mousse in there and then, I'm going to tease it out just a little bit just to create some volume. Then, I'm going to grab all that hair and I'm going to kind of twist it so that it can stick out a little bit. And I'm going to pin it right there. And we're working on this side; I'm going to take this front part, I'm going to do the same thing. I'm going to mousse it and tease it. When you're teasing, it's good to hold the hair kind of forward and then you can back comb it. And then, I'm going to pin it back each section as raised as I can and you can use hairspray for this too. An then the hair that's left over, you can make a little twist back here and just twist it and pin it. So now I'm going to take this, but you can buy at any drugstore. It's basically to help you with the bun. And you clamp it and her hair is layered, so, it is kind of harder to keep it in there. But, we would try our best. So you clamp it and then you roll it upwards, like so and then, fold like that so you can create this bun. And I pin it and spray it. And then to finish it off, you want to garnish it with some flowers. You can also put chopsticks in there. There you go. There's our Geisha hairstyle. It's got the bun in the back, the twists on the side, the flowers; the chopsticks would look really cute and with that little bun helper, it's really easy to do. Otherwise, you can just make a twist and do the bun and pin it. Thank you so much for watching. I'm Christine Wheaton.