Video transcription

Hi, this is Tony Zaldua at Budget Bicycles, explaining how to install a BMX brake on a BMX bike. Okay, for this BMX brake installation, the tools you're going to need is, you could actually, if you are limited to tools, you could just use a multi-tool which is this. It has a six millimeter, five millimeter, four millimeter, three, two and a half screwdriver and a Phillips. But for application here, I think you're just going to need the five millimeter, and I also have to speed up the job, you have a five millimeter ball driver. It's rounded off on the end here, and just to speed up the job. So, I want to go ahead and install the brake. First, I'm going to install the left side here, the brake is down here. There is a pin here, right there, I'm pointing towards it, touching it and you want that pin to actually there's three holes here. I don't know if you can see it or not. You want the pin to go in the center hole so I'm going to carefully, so when you slide it on, just look carefully, go slow and then you can't see it but I can see it. The pin is going to the center hole, there you go. There it's on and all you have to do now is to take the bolt and to screw in the bolt here, just like that. The bolt is going on and with my ball driver it's pretty, it's snug right now but it's not fully tightened. So I'll take my multi-tool and I'll do the final tightening with my five millimeter which is that. So, the final tightening, just tight, not Superman tight but not like loose tight and then you're done with this side and then with the other side we have one, one more side to go. Same thing, engage the pin through the center hole really slowly, slide it down, it's in the center, take your bolt, thread it in a little bit and then I'll take my ball driver. Okay, there it's hand tight, take your multi-tool and your five millimeter again, and do your final tightening, just tight, there that is tight, I'm stopping, not Superman tight and then after that's installed you just bring the brakes together here, put it in the little slot, make sure it pops through, wiggle it, it popped through and when you squeeze the brake, your brake is now set. How to assemble a brake on a BMX bike.