Video transcription

Hi, my name is Chris Wade and I'm a contractor from the city of Los Angeles. Today, I'm going to show you how to clean grout haze off porcelain tile. Here we are at our freshly laid porcelain tile. Whether it's a countertop, a floor or a backsplash, after you're done grouting, you've waited your 24 hours, there's going to appear to be a white haze, especially with white tile and white grout obviously but there is going to be a powder-like haze. What you want to do is get your sponge. You want to dip your sponge in the water. You're going to want to wring it out and you're just going to want to lightly go over your porcelain tile once or twice, both sides and then you're going to want to step back and you're going to want to let it dry. Now, over here on our stone tile, you can see it's a little bit much more, the appearance of the white haze is much more, the same process, just wipe it a couple times and right now it looks like it's gone but I guarantee you you're going to come back in about 20 minutes when it's dry, it's going to be there again. But you're just going to do the same process until it's all lifted up and it's just going to be a sponge, a bucket of water and a little bit of time and patience and that's how you clean the white haze.