Video transcription

Welcome to Lee's Salon. I'm Reanna Amy. Today, I'm going to show you how to dye your hair blonde at home. When you're coloring your hair blonde at home, you want to go and select your hair color. Make sure you pick something with a little bit of ash tone to it so that you don't pull too many gold tones. We've already gotten started here, but you're just going to make sure you cover everything very well, root to end. Make sure everything is nice and covered. If there's any spot that doesn't have hair dye on it, it's not going to get dyed, so make sure there are no little dry spots. Once you work your way around the whole entire head, you're going to place the hair up against the scalp so that it can receive the warmth from the scalp, so you can get a nice, even tone. You're going to let that sit for approximately 30 to 45 minutes, wash and you will have blonde hair.