Video transcription

Hi, I'm Amy Newman, fitness expert, creator of the Perfect 10 Workout, and I'm going to show you some yoga exercises for a pinched sciatic nerve. First, we're going to sit in Easy Pose, and we're just going to twist the upper body, bringing one hand, crossing our body to the opposite leg. Bring your other hand behind your back, and just twist, opening up your body, lifting through the spine, pushing your shoulders in, and your buttocks, into the mat. Breathe deeply. You want to hold this for a minute or two, breathing, relaxing, opening. And then, to the other side, do the same thing, crossing the other arm, reaching behind your back, sitting up tall, looking over your opposite shoulder, breathing deeply, relaxing into it. Try not to be stressed, but let go, and open. You can also do a spinal twist in the deeper pose. Crossing your legs, opposite arm on the outside. Other hand by your tail bone, lift up, and look over your shoulder, holding it for about two minutes. Breathing deep, relaxing your core. Don't hold your breath. With each breath, you want to relax a little bit more. And then, you switch sides, doing the same thing to the other side. Crossing the arm in front of your body on the outside of your knee, your other hand by your tail bone, looking over your shoulder, breathing deep. Hold it for about two minutes. And then, what you can do also to help alleviate some of the pain, is to lay onto your back. And, arms are by your side, bring your knees into your chest, flattening out your spine the best you can. Press your neck onto the mat, breathe deep. You can extend one leg, stretching the one knee into your chest. Then, with the opposite hand, and the other arm going to the side, cross your knee over your body, looking to the opposite hand. Relax, breathe deep, open. Don't hold your breath. Release tension. Breathe into your body, relax. And, you want to do it again, bringing both knees back in, switching legs, stretching the other one out, crossing it over, everything done very slowly, looking towards the opposite hand. Knee comes down, and never over stretch. Go to where your body wants to go, and hold. Breathing, relaxing. Breathing, and relaxing, and releasing. And, visualize that pinched nerve being unpinched, and being relieved. Use your imagination as well as your breathing. Your mind, body, breath, all together. Thanks for joining me. I'm Amy Newman, showing you some exercises that you can do in yoga to relieve sciatic nerve.