Video transcription

Hi, I'm Amy Newman, fitness expert, creator of the Perfect 10 Workout. And, I'm going to show you the best exercises in yoga you can do for losing weight. Now, one thing I got to say, is that hot yoga helps a lot. So, if you happen to be able to take a hot yoga class, you're going to burn more calories, and lose weight a lot quicker. But, make sure you always talk to a doctor before starting a routine. I'm going to show you a sequence of moves called the Sun Salutation. And, I'm going to make it a little bit diverse. So, I hope you enjoy. Bring our feet under our knees, and our knees under our hips. Tuck your tailbone under, bring your arms by your sides. Take in a deep breath, bring your arms around, stretch up, inhale. Exhale, come around for the floor. bend your right leg, and stretch it out behind you. Come down into a lunge, look up, tuck the back knee in, bring it around, come up, stretch, open to one side. Inhale, lift, exhale to the other. Inhale, lift, bring your arms around. Reach for either side of your left foot, step back, come down. Bring the tops of your feet down on the mat as you lift up into Cobra. Elbows in, neck long, shoulders down. Breathe deep. Roll back down slowly. Lift up into Plank. And, right leg steps forward, back into a lunge, chin is up. Slowly come up, bending both knees, bringing your arms around. And, lift up, and then bend, bringing your arms to one side halfway down, shoulders down. Then, lift up, inhale. Exhale to the other side. Inhale, lift up, bring your arms around, reach on either side of your right foot. Step forward with your left foot. Roll up slowly, bring your arms around, inhale. Arch back, exhale, and do it again. Right foot back, chin up, bend the back knee as you roll back, come up, stretch, open your arms, bend your knees. Inhale up, exhale down. Inhale up, exhale around as you reach forward. Left foot goes back into Plank. Come down slowly. Lift up into Cobra. Roll back down. Lift up into Plank. Step forward with your right foot, bend your knee as you roll up, and stretch up your legs. Exhale, open up to the side. Inhale, lift up. Exhale, open up to the other side. Inhale, lift up. Bring your arms around. Reach on either side of your right foot, and step your left foot forward. Roll up slowly, bringing your arms around, inhaling. Exhale. Now, I did two sequences. You want to do about five to 10. I'm Amy Newman, and those are some exercises that you can do to lose weight with yoga.