Video transcription

Hi, I'm Mickey Demos, Jr. here at Biscayne Boxing and Fitness Club in Miami. Today, we're talking about boxing training at home. At home, you don't have access to full gym equipment, so my personal favorite workout at home is with a very small piece of equipment called a resistance band, which can be purchased in any sporting goods shop. Danny is first going to demonstrate some shadow boxing with the resistance band which is a fantastic home workout and then I'm going to drop on to the floor to do some core training which, of course, you can also do at home. So Danny, go ahead and just start shadow boxing, with the resistance band showing all the basic punches. The beauty of the resistance band is that it increases strength and flexibility while you're punching so it's increasing all your core punches as you move. After using a resistance band, your hands will feel extremely light, and you'll be doubling your speed. Over a course of about six weeks, you're going to double the speed of your punches with this band. Fifteen or twenty minutes of this at home and your arms will be wet noodles, and if you do it for a few months, you'll probably be in the best shape of your life. So, there's a lot of boxing training you can do at home. Now of course, the other things that we can do at home, Danny will put the resistance band aside and he'll drop to the floor, and he's going to do some close grip push-ups. The purpose of these close grip presses are to increase the power in the triceps, which is the back of the arm, which is the fundamental muscle in the punch, is the tricep muscle. So, these close grip push-ups, you can do a series of ten or fifteen. You can start slow and just do a few reps and build up your strength over a period of time, and then note, also, that he's keeping his body perfectly straight. That's very important for the core training as well. Boxing punching power comes from the core, that's why people are doing it nowadays, and you'll note that his butt is not up in the air, he's nice and straight with the body. Now, he's going to turn over on to his back and just do some of the basic boxing ab workouts. The first one he's going to demonstrate for you is a half sit-up punch punch. Now, notice as he is coming up, it's not just his arms that are moving, he's punching from the core. He's coming up part way and he's turning his shoulders into each shot. This movement right here will increase his punching power, his speed while getting his abdominal area in shape. After a series of these, he'll bring his knees into his chest, he'll put his hands behind his head, and we'll just go to a basic abdominal workout to finish off the workout. He's just going to do a bunch of fast, hard punches, bringing his knees into his chest, nice. Good, explosive power, just like he's in the ring fighting. You'll note that he's breathing out on every movement, that's important. We do that with every punch we throw. It's important that he is doing it with every rep on the abdominal workout, breathe out, breathe out, breathe out, breathe out. That's exactly how he's going to be breathing during a long combination in a bout. So, these are just a couple of the exercises that you can do at home to get in boxing shape.