Video transcription

Hi, I'm CarolAnn with, and I'm going to show you yoga for ringing inside the ear. So, the first pose I'm going to show you, we are going to come down on our backs. Once we get settled in, just relax down, relax the shoulders down away from the ears. We are going to lift up into a modified shoulder stand. From this position, separate those knees, and then gently take the feet over top of your head and bring the knees right to the ears. And we are going to hold this position for about five full breaths, inhaling through the nose and completely exhaling through the nose. And just really gathering that breath and stretching the entire body. When you are finished after five breaths, place your hands underneath the small of your back and gently push up, and then roll down. We just need to take a moment and embrace how our body is feeling, and rejuvenate it with oxygen. So, we are breathing in slowly, long, deep breathing, and exhaling completely. And every time we exhale, just melt into the mat even more. Now, there's a technique called progressive relaxation, and essentially what we are doing is we are tightening from the toes to the top of the head in sequence, so that we can ring out negative energy, stress intention from the body. So, start with your toes and contract the toes, and hold for about five to 10 seconds, and then release. And then you move on up. Your toes, your calves, your quads, your shins, your glutes, and hold that for five, 10 seconds. And release. Then move on up. Your toes, your calves, shins, quads, glutes, abdominals. So, contract everything below the rib cage cause you are ringing out that stress intention and relax. Take a big, deep breath in and exhale, moving on up. Your toes, your calves, your quads and shins, your abdominals. And now bring your arms into this exercise. So, you are clasping your fists. Your shoulders are up into your ears. Everything below the neck line is engaged. Everything above the neck line is relaxed. And release. And just take a moment to settle in. Just let it flow. Take a nice swallow. Loosen up the jaw. Once you loosen up the jaw, you may release what's, what is tight and tense in the jaw, creating maybe some ringing in the ear. And then, that is great yoga practice for ringing inside the ear. I'm CarolAnn for