Video transcription

Hi, I'm CarolAnn with, and I'm going to show you Yoga exercises for headaches. So, you can perform these exercises when you're sitting at your desk, at the office or even when you're at a stoplight. And you're driving in your car, you're under a lot of tension and you may have a tension headache. So, what I want you to do is just take your thumb and place it right to the middle of your forehead, right here. So, you're going to take your thumb and just gently massage. And just breathe through the nose, in through the nose, out through the nose. As you're gently massaging, right between the eyebrows. And do ten times in one direction, ten times the other direction. And just gently massaging right there, right between your eyebrows. Now, another exercise that you can perform, is with your index finger and the middle finger. So, you take your fingers and gently, from the center, just massage out and over the eyebrows. So, start in the center and massage out. Again, just regulate your breathing, as you're massaging through. Perform about ten reps of this massage, nice and gentle and smooth and then, release. Next, we're going to create heat in our hands, and we're going to place them right over our eyes. So, take your palms, rub those palms, get the friction going, create the heat and then, gently place over your eyes. And it's just a nice little heating pad that you've just created. And then, just allow the heat to dissipate, and once it dies, do it again. Take those palms, rub them together, create that heat, and place right over your eyes. And that'll release tension of the muscles, all around the eyes, and relax. The last Yoga exercise is through the shoulders. We create a lot of stress and tension and we just harbor it right in the shoulders and in the neck. So, we just want to create big movements, here in the shoulders and just release that. Ten in one direction, ten in the other, just release that. And then, lower the chin down towards the chest, rotate the head to one side, hold for just a moment. Then rotate to the other side, and perform these neck rolls about ten times. Inhaling, as you lengthen, exhaling, as you rotate, inhale, as you hold, exhale, as you rotate. And then, once you complete ten rolls, relax, and soon your headaches will go away. Those are your Yoga poses for headaches. I'm CarolAnn with