Video transcription

Hi, I'm CarolAnn with, and I'm going to show you yoga for sciatica. Now, to really loosen up those outer hips, and to release the nerves that run along the side of our hips, we want to open up that area. So, if you're having tight hips out here, this is going to be great. So, you want to come down into a modified Lotus Position, because if you're really tight, that's going to be stretching your enough. So, you're right here, and you may even want to sit on a cushion, or even a yoga block. So, what we're going to do, is we're going to start off here in a nice, tall position, and gently walk your fingertips forward. And, you're going to feel the lengthening immediately right in your outer hips, especially if you have sciatica. And then, just, you don't want to force it. Just allow your breath to ease into the lengthening. And hold this pose for about five deep breaths. And, once you complete your five breaths, gently walk your fingertips up, and sit up nice and tall. Now, another stretch to help sciatica, is you're going to take your legs straight out, and cross one leg over the other. Sit up really nice and tall, and you can hug that knee in towards your chest. If this is enough stretching for you, you can stay here. Or, you can increase the stretch, and take your arm on the outside of your knee to twist and look over that shoulder. So, you can have your arm out here, or you can hug it in, however you feel you're going to feel that tightness, and you're going to breathe into that lengthening of the outer hip. So, we inhale, and every time we exhale, we see if we can twist a little more, holding this pose for about five breaths. And then, we release, and then go to the other leg. Another stretch for sciatica, or a yoga pose, is the Pigeon Pose. You're going to take your front foot, and put it right in towards that groin area. Now, what you want, is you want to maintain your hips parallel to the floor. So, you don't want to be off to the side, you want your hips parallel. Now, the more flexible you are, the farther away your foot can go from your groin. But, if you've got sciatica, this is going to be intense enough. So, make sure the back foot, the top of it is directly onto the floor. And then, once you're in this position, you can then start to creep down, and your first position would be your forearms. Then, the next position to take it a little deeper would be to have two fists, one on top of the other, maintaining alignment from the top of your head to the tailbone. And then, the next layer would be to drop your head to your hands, dropping your hands down to the floor. And then, the last level, extend your arms all the way out. And, hold that pose for about five breaths. Now, I'll tell you this, if you have sciatica, this is intense. So, this may be you right here with your hands, and that may be enough. So, you don't want to force it, you want to ease into the stretch. And then, just kind of ease out of the position, and do the other side for five breaths as well. And, those are your yoga poses for sciatica. I'm CarolAnn for