Video transcription

Hi, I'm CarolAnn with, and I'm going to show you yoga poses for the thyroid. What you want to keep in mind is, you want to open up the neck area, the shoulder area, and just really relax to really help the thyroid. So, the first pose I'm going to show you is a chin lift. Now, I'm in a kneeling position. I roll the shoulders back and down, just allowing the shoulder blades to melt down my back. And, I'm lifting the chin, opening up, right through the throat, and in the chest area. Now, if you want to lean back just a little bit more, and you want to protect your spine, gently press through the hips, and then somewhat turns into a Camel Pose. So, you're lifting the chin, opening up the throat. Hold for about five breaths. And then, release. And, you can perform that for about five rounds. And, just lift the chin again, stretching through the neck muscles, stimulating the thyroid, breathing through this pose, holding for five breaths. And then, releasing. Another exercise you can perform is just a rotation of the neck. So, lower the chin down towards the chest, gently rotate your ear to the shoulder, lengthening all through the neck here. And, gently rotating to the other side, opening up the side of the neck. And, you want to breathe as you're rotating. So, we inhale to lengthen, exhale as we roll to the other side. Inhale as we lengthen, and exhale as we roll. And, you can perform about 10 reps of the neck rolls. Another yoga pose is the Fish Pose. So, you're going to come down on your back, lengthen those legs. And here, depending on if you have any issue in you neck, or in your shoulders, what we want to do, is we want to lift our head and shoulders up off the floor, so the shoulders and the hips, so you can place you hands directly underneath your hips, and lift the shoulders up. So, we're coming up to the top of the head. So, we're opening up the chest, opening up the throat, stimulating the thyroid as we breathe five deep breaths. And then, release after five breaths. And then, gently take your hands out from underneath the small of your back. So, those are some really great yoga poses for the thyroid. I'm CarolAnn for