Video transcription

Hi, I'm Stan DeFreitas, Mr. Green Thumb for How to take a good rose cutting. Well, there's a couple of things you need to remember. One, is you probably need a product that's a rooting hormone. Usually, they are going to be something like indole butyric acid. The rooting hormone helps to make that cutting root. Now, some plants are real easy to root, like coleuses. But when you get into roses, you really need probably that extra help. Take your cutting get a good oh four inch, three or four inch cutting. You are probably going to cut the bud off of the rose, and you are probably going to cut the base at an angle, usually at about a 45. You are probably going to take most of the foliage off. When you use your rooting hormone you are just going to dip it in the powder on the base. You just want a small amount on there. You can see it's nice and white. You don't want it like shake and bake chicken. You want to have just a tiny amount to help form the root system. There's a number of different hormones, but indole butyric acid sold as rooting will help you with the cutting. Put it into a good sterile soil. One of the biggest problems I see is people take their cuttings and stick it in their own backyard where you've got bacteria, fungi, nematodes and other problems. If you take this cutting and stick it into a good potting soil that you get from the nursery, usually it has peat and Perlite and other organic matter in it. You stand a much better chance of getting this cutting to live to become a mature plant. Remember, of course, many people buy grafted roses and there's reasons why you do buy grafted roses. But if you like the idea of trying to start a cutting, this works pretty well. For learning more about how to start cuttings, I'm Stan DeFreitas for