Video transcription

I'm Amy Hamilton-Weldon, Oakwood Nail Spa, Raleigh, North Carolina, and I'm going to tell you how to deal with split nails. It can't really treat a split nail, you can baby it along until it grows out, because sometimes they're so far down that it would hurt if you actually cut it off to that point. So, you can baby it, you can put some glue on it, nail glue is going to stick better to a clean surface, so removing your polish, a lot of people think that cleans your nail, but really your nail has oils and residue that you just can't remove with polish or anything else. So, if you really want it to stick well, and if it's that far down, you want to put glue on it one time and let that stay. You can file it just a little bit to where the glue is on a clean surface, and then you can just put a little piece of glue on it. You know, a little dot of glue on it, and you can spread it out so it's like the length of the crag. That's only going to hold it together until it grows out to a point where you can finally get cut it and get past that point. You can't really treat a split nail, you can only treat your nails so that when they grow out, they don't split. OK those were just some basic tips but you should always a consult a nail professional.