Video transcription

Hi, I'm Stan DeFreitas, Mr. Green Thumb, for How to start those little cuttings off your rose bushes. Well typically, you're going to take four to six inch pieces. You don't want to get real long pieces because it's hard to work with them, but if you take a four to six inch piece and you take your cuttings, cut off most of the foliage, cut that base at about a 45 degree angle and if you put it into a real good sterile soil, well you're pretty much home free. Remember that they do have to get a good deal of moisture. Sometimes, a little plastic bag like the newspaper comes in over your little plant helps or a little mason jar. You've go to make sure that you do keep that moisture level up. If the cutting is dry, well they tend to die. Go ahead and stick it into a real good soil, like we're doing here and when you see that little plant start to pop out new leaves, you might take it from there and then re-pot it into a small container. Normally, we only go about one size container bigger than what it was growing in so if it's a two inch to three inch, a three inch to four. For learning more about how to start your own cuttings and for, I'm Stan DeFreitas.