Video transcription

Hi, I'm Stan DeFreitas, Mr. Green Thumb for Trimming your Knockout Roses. Typically, with a Knockout Rose, you need to have a good set of cutters and you need to make a good cut, that means take your eye and really go back along that little branch or stem until you get where there's probably a little five leaflet. Normally, two leaflets or three leaflets isn't far back enough. This means, maybe three, four, five inches back in on the stem where you're going to trim your little Knockout Rose. Remember, if you've got crossing branches, if you've got some die back, if you've got some disease like black spot or mites or thrip activity, cut back to where you find good healthy tissue that's not being infected by either fungus or by critters. By doing that you should have pretty good results of trimming back the overall bush and keeping the Knockout in kind of a regular bushed form, though some of the Knockouts may be even standards or tree types. For learning more about trimming techniques on Knockout Roses, I'm Stan DeFreitas for