Video transcription

Hi, this is Joe Wang, founder and head coach of South Bay Youth Sports. Today, we're going to cover football camps, skills and drills. The next drill is called the speed turn drill. It's really covered from the defensive back standpoint. You're going to need cones, field and a football. The speed turn drill will cover three things. From the athlete's standpoint, from the back pedal position, bending your knees, your back straight, your reaction drill from a turn and then reaction to the ball. As you will see, our athlete here is going to demonstrate our speed turn drill. The athlete is going to move on the ball of the quarterback. He back pedals, thinking he's going to pass, he's going to run, reaction drill, he passes again and looks for the ball, looks for the ball, there you go. Again, this is Joe Wang with South Bay Youth Sports. Thank you for watching football camp drills and skills.