Video transcription

Hi, this is Joe Wong, head coach and founder of South Bay Youth Sports. Today, we're going to cover junior training football drills. For the junior football training skills, we're going to cover passing. You're going to need a football. You're going to need a quarterback. You're going to need a receiver, and you're going to need a field. The first route we're going to cover for the passing drill is a slant route. The quarterback gets in ready position, hikes the ball, set go, throws it, catches it, the receiver runs two yards up and then slant right into the line of scrimmage. The next pattern is going to be an out route. The quarterback is going to say ready, set, hike. The receiver is going to run seven yards up the field and then turns out to the sideline. Ready, set, hike. The receiver catches it, goes for a touchdown. The next route is the go route. The receiver is going to run ten yards down fast as he can and then looks for the ball. The quarterback is going to be in ready, set, hike position, ready, set, hike, the receiver runs and catches the ball. Again, this is Joe Wang, South Bay Youth Sports. Thank you for watching junior football drill.