Video transcription

Hi, my name is Brandon Snider. I'm here at the Downtown Athletic Club in Little Rock, Arkansas. And today, I'm going to be doing a tricep kickback. So, you want to start out with either three to five pound weights with the dumbbell. And you can use a bench. If you are at home, you can simply use an Ottoman or a chair. So, what you want to do is come down into the bench, and since I'm going to be working my right arm first. I want to make sure that my right leg is supporting myself. I want to make sure that my left arm and left leg are straight down. It's kind of like I'm in a tabletop position. So, what you want to do is simply bring the upper arm to about parallel with the floor. This exercise does not work if it's down here. So, I want to make sure that it's up, right here. Exhale, kick back. Inhale, come forward. Exhale, back. Inhale forward. You know the tricep is the sole muscle responsible for that toned look in the arm, so it's a great exercise that you can do if you plan on going out tonight, and you are wearing something strapless.