Video transcription

Hi, I'm Amy Newman, fitness expert and creator of the Perfect 10 workout, and a lot of us experience bad backs. Well, there are lots of Pilate exercises for a bad back that you can do that'll really feel good and stretch your back out. You can bring your feet together, knees apart, and roll forward, stretching down toward your feet, rounding out your back. Stretch out your arms. Breathe and relax. Breathe and relax. Roll up, and another good one would be to roll back down onto your lower back, stretching. Bring your knees up. Arms come out to the sides with your palms flat. Bring your knees to one side, looking to the opposite arm, exhaling. Lift your legs, inhale. Exhale to the other side. And you don't have to go all the way down. Make it very controlled, right where you feel it pulling. You don't want to over extend. You want to do just a nice little stretch that opens everything up. Breathe deep into your body. Don't hold your breath. These to the sides are very, very good on that lower back. Then pull your knees into your chest. Flatten your back. Stretch your neck out. Rock from side to side, from shoulder to shoulder, pressing your lower back into the mat, and breathing. Then start to circle your knees around, pressing a donut into your lower back. It's like giving yourself a massage. Pressing those muscles into the mat. Not your spine, but the muscles, and then going in the opposite direction. And you want to do ten reps in either direction, and ten reps of pretty much everything that you're doing. We're going to roll up, and those are some exercises that you can do for a bad back.