Video transcription

Hi, I'm Amy Newman, fitness expert, creator of The Perfect 10 Workout, and I'm going to show you some exercises to create a very strong pelvic area. So, we've got to strengthen those pelvic muscles. I'm going to show you a variety of different exercises as we slowly lower down onto the floor. You're going to roll down to the back, then you're going to lay with your arms by your sides, palms are flat. Get your feet about hip-width apart, toes nice and spread apart and you're going to roll your pelvis up and you're going to squeeze your pelvis muscles exhaling and then roll your back down, inhaling. I'm going to put my hands under my head so I can even show you better how you roll the pelvis up and then bring it back down, roll the pelvis up, exhaling, rounding out your back and then back down again. Now, if you want to put your knees together, this will get even more of a workout in the pelvis area. The pelvis area is the lower part of your abdominal area that you want to get nice and firm as you grow older, those muscles seem to go away unless you keep exercising them. Exhale as you squeeze, inhale, release, exhale as you squeeze, inhale, release, exhale as you squeeze, inhale, release. Then bring your feet in together and open your knees up wide, same thing, rounding out your back, tiling your pelvis, squeezing, exhaling. Rounding back down, inhaling, exhale, round out that lower back, squeeze your pelvis, exhale, inhale, round it back down. Then you can do a variety with your knees opening up and coming together, opening up and as you squeeze together that's when you exhale and squeeze your inner thighs really hard. There's another way you can work the pelvic muscles by lifting your legs up in Tabletop. You can have your hands underneath your head or arms by your sides with your palms flat and then you slowly lower one leg down and then lift a leg, inhaling, exhale as you lower, inhale, exhale as you lift, inhale, exhale as you lower, inhale, exhale as you lift, using your pelvic muscles, not your foot or your leg to do this exercise. It looks like I'm using my foot or my knee actually but I'm not. I'm using my pelvic muscles to pull that leg up and to bring it back down. You can even put your hands on your pelvic area and feel your muscles working, exhale, inhale, exhale lift, inhale, exhale lower, inhale, exhale lift. I'm Amy Newman. Thank you so much for joining me in learning how to exercise the pelvic muscles.