Video transcription

Troy Kish here at Cool Springs Eye Care in Franklin, Tennessee. We are going to discuss how to reinsert eyeglass lenses or mount them into the frame. Sometimes, in the situation of this one, this is a plastic frame, something could have happened, a little accident, and the lens popped out. And so, it always seems that the lens is bigger than the rim, and it just doesn't go in, but there's a secret to putting it in and here's how it goes. We're basically going to take the temporal side or the outer side of the lens and put it into the temple part, and see now we've seated the lens inside the bevel, and then with a little bit of pressure, see where my thumb is, we're going to push the front in. And see how it just snaps right in. That snapped it right back in. Now, that's how we would take out, or actually, put in a lens into a plastic frame. However, metal frames, the same thing can happen. We can just have an accident where the lens might just pop out like that, and of course, trying to get it into a metal frame, the lens doesn't stretch or the frame doesn't stretch, so we're going to have to use a screwdriver to reinsert this lens. We'll be able to reinsert the lens just like we did the plastic one. We're going to put the temporal side in like so, and then push with our thumb on the front, and you heard the snap, that means it's all in there, and of course, we're going to take the screwdriver and we're going to tighten it right back up. And that is how we reinsert an eyeglass lens.