Video transcription

Hi, I'm CarolAnn with, and I'm going to show you how to perform lower body exercises using the exercise ball. So, come on down to the floor and grab the exercise ball between your ankles. Now, here we're going to focus on the inner thighs to start. You want to have your knees directly over your hips at 90 degrees, arms are anchored down alongside your body, and we're simply going to extend the legs and bend the knees. So, we exhale as we extend, inhale as we bend. This is a great exercise for those quadriceps, and we can perform about 20 reps of this quadricep extension exercise. Now, to change over to the inner thighs, we're going to do rotation of the ball. So, simply just rotate that ball, one foot directly in front of the other and really squeeze against that ball using those inner thighs. The key here is to keep even pressure on that ball with those feet. The next exercise that we're going to perform still working those inner thighs is we're going to do knee drops to the side. Now, this really challenges the inner thigh muscles, and you can even anchor your arms out like a T, anchoring those shoulders down to the floor. Inhale when you lower down, exhale as you come up, really working those inner thighs and perform about 20 reps. Next, the bridge exercise, so with this exercise we can really target the glutes and the hamstrings. So, start off with your legs fully extended, your feet are on the ball, lift your hips up. From this position, pull the ball in towards your glutes and then press those hips up, lower down and extend out. Pull the ball in towards your glutes, press up, lower down and out. Now, if you really want to focus on the hamstrings only, just take that ball out and pull it in, pressing through the heels on your feet. Keep your hips lifted. This is a really great hamstring exercise. Now, to really lengthen your legs and to really get a good hamstring and glute exercise, you're going to balance on your left leg and extend your right leg up and perform a one leg circle. This really challenges your core strength, your leg strength and we really get to open up those hips as well. Perform about ten reps in one direction and then ten reps in the other direction. And then simply just lower the leg down, make sure you go to the other leg as well. And those are some really great lower body exercises using the exercise ball. I'm CarolAnn for